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The Insider Threat Awareness Virtual Roundtable Webinar

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CERT Insider Threat Center

Hi, this is Dawn Cappelli, Director of the CERT Insider Threat Center. Last week I had the pleasure of participating in The Insider Threat Awareness Virtual Roundtable webinar, which was sponsored by the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection. The webinar was moderated by Jon Richeson from DHS, and I was joined by the Supervisory Special Agent from the Insider Threat Investigations Unit of the FBI.

In the webinar we provide a one-hour overview of insider threats, including descriptions of the different types of insider threats, who commits them, how, when, and why. We also show a terrific video that illustrates a realistic insider threat scenario.

We are frequently asked for overviews like this by people who want to use them as part of their security awareness training. Because of this, I thought I would post the link to the webinar, which is available for free:

I strongly encourage you to distribute this link throughout your organization in an effort to raise awareness of the risk of insider threat!

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