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Collaboration Conversation on Scalable Assurance of Safety-Critical Systems

Learn how the SEI's Assuring Cyber-Physical Systems team working on model-based techniques to better describe, analyze, and assure systems.

Software Engineering Institute



Assuring cyber-physical systems is an ever-increasing challenge. System designers face multiple scalability hurdles due to the complexity of systems, their operation, and the need to assure them. Indeed, as systems have greater functionality, are more connected, and are more autonomous, designers must demonstrate their systems are sufficiently resilient, safe, and secured to be deployed.

In this conversation, members of SEI's Assuring Cyber-Physical Systems team discuss the current effort to improve research state of the art and transition new modeling and analysis capabilities to help design future systems. They will discuss current projects around AADL, the Architecture-Centric Virtual Integration Process, or ACVIP, safety analysis, and ongoing projects with DoD.