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FloCon 2022 Opens Registration

FloCon 2022 Opens Registration

October 26, 2021—FloCon, the SEI’s annual conference on using data to defend enterprise networks, has opened for registration. The online event will be held January 11-13, 2022. The CERT Division of the SEI invites operational analysts, tool developers, researchers, and security professionals to register to attend.

FloCon 2022 speakers from government, academia, and industry will share the latest research on applying cutting-edge techniques to analyze and visualize large datasets to protect and defend network systems. Attendees can build useful skills in preconference courses and learn about the latest techniques for applying data and analytic methods from conference presenters. Participation in the conference’s Discord server (account required) will enable networking with other attendees during and after the conference, early access to conference materials, and extended Q&A sessions with speakers. 

Keynote speakers for FloCon 2022 will be Thomas Schreck, professor of IT security at Munich University of Applied Sciences, and Melissa Vice, interim director of the Department of Defense Cyber Crimes Center (DC3) Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP).

“Our presenters share novel approaches to maintaining situational awareness, from individual endpoints to the cloud,” said Joshua Fallon, a network defense analyst in the SEI’s CERT Division and the conference chair. “Their research includes principled and methodologically sound machine learning models designed to extract insights from large and varied data to defend enterprise systems and users and make informed risk management decisions. Participants will learn about new perspectives for observing attacker actions and enterprise data, both at rest and in transit.”

FloCon 2022 marks the conference’s 17th year. It started in 2004 as an invitation-only gathering of government workers, contractors, and academics centered on network flow analysis. Over the years, FloCon expanded its technical scope to include standardized data formats, the use of diversified and merged data, machine learning methods, analytical hardware, network storage devices, and big-data analysis, all in the service of network security. Along the way, FloCon’s courses and social events have fostered a robust community of data analytics researchers and practitioners.

Register for Flocon 2022 on the conference website. Registrants receive a referral code to share with colleagues. Referred registrations will receive a half-price ticket, and the original registrant will also receive a half-price credit.

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