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vTunnel and WELLE-D

This presentation provides an overview of the following two software tools developed by the SEI: WELLE-D, which creates realistic wireless simulations, and vTunnel, which hides administrative and background traffic in cyber simulations.

Software Engineering Institute


This presentation gives an overview of two software tools that the SEI developed to help organizations manage cyber training events and to create environments to practice wireless security. The first of these tools, vTunnel, hides administrative and background traffic—such as scoring functions and command and control traffic—from cyber-event participants. By hiding this traffic, event coordinators can manage the game space knowing that participants won’t be distracted from the exercise objectives by traffic they shouldn’t see. The second tool, WELLE-D, provides a way to conduct realistic wireless training exercises in a cost-effective, safe, and controlled environment. This presentation provides technical details about how these tools work to achieve these innovative solutions.