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Three Software Innovations that DoD Needs Now

Watch Jeff Boleng, Robert Schiela, Samuel Procter, Lena Pons, and Nathan VanHoudnos discuss "Three Software Innovations that DoD Needs Now".

Software Engineering Institute



What has been the source of the U.S. defense’s advantage? Pointing to the 1970s-era second offset strategy, some say that the DoD’s true advantage rests in an ability to rapidly field and integrate new technologies at a scale none can match. The second offset strategy, though, was dominated by hardware-based or -reliant technologies, such as GPs positioning and stealth. The third offset strategy will rely on software-dominated, leap-ahead technologies. What does rapidly integrating software innovations look like for the DoD?
In this panel discussion you will learn
•    key reasons why DoD struggles to rapidly integrate software innovations
•    proven ways to bring software innovation to DoD’s doorstep
•    three software technologies that have been piloted in DoD settings

About the Speaker

Headshot of Robert Schiela

Robert Schiela

Robert Schiela is a technical manager, leading the Secure Coding group in the Cyber Security Foundations Directorate of the SEI CERT Division. In this role, he helps the Secure Coding team define and execute research and transition knowledge that improves the state of the art and practice in secure software …

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