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The Future of Cyber Simulation

This presentation was given by Tom Longstaff as the keynote at the Cyber Simulator Showcase on June 3, 2019, and it discusses the uses and limitations of machine learning for improving cyber simulations.

Software Engineering Institute



This presentation was given by Tom Longstaff as the keynote address at the Cyber Simulator Showcase, which the SEI hosted in Arlington, Virginia on June 3, 2019. The presentation discusses how the general application of machine learning to all aspects of computing has changed the view of the future across all of government. Today, a future begins to take shape in which all activity is instrumented and monitored to produce machine-readable data that can be used in ML applications to improve decision support, classification, and machine-user cooperation. In the cyber-simulation landscape, the use of data into an ML platform promises more effective training, immediate feedback, better rehearsal, and more rapid and effective capability development. This presentation addresses the promises and challenges of using ML in the cyber-simulation platform as well as the future of AI in cyber simulation.