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Team Software Process (TSP) Team Member Training Course Materials

Educational Material
In this course, you learn the foundational concepts of PSP and TSP.

Software Engineering Institute


In this course, you learn the foundational concepts of the Personal Software Process (PSP) and Team Software Process (TSP). You study how to measure size, time, and defects in your work; how to use a personal planning framework to plan and track your tasks; and how to use a quality strategy to manage defects in your work and be prepared to participate on a TSP team.

This course is designed for system, hardware, and test engineers; technical writers; trainers; and others who participate on a TSP project.

Topics covered include the TSP launch process; how to be a productive participant of a launch; how to use weekly meetings, inspections, checkpoints, and postmortems to manage and maintain self-directed teams; and more.

The downloads for this course include the following:
• Course Notebook
• Exercises and Handouts
• Instructor Materials