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SysML to AADL Bridge: Automating the Translation of SysML into AADL for Analysis and Refinement

This presentation by Hazel Shackleton was given virtually at AADL/ACVIP User Days 2021.

Software Engineering Institute



AADL/ACVIP User Days 2021 was hosted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and held virtually on February 3-4, 2021. AADL/ACVIP User Days is a free two-day virtual forum to present the latest on the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL), the Architecture-Centric Virtual Integration Process (ACVIP), and associated tools. This presentation by Hazel Shackleton was given virtually at AADL/ACVIP User Days 2021.

The SysML to AADL Bridge tool's primary goal is to support modeling styles and workflows that are consistent with both the SysML and AADL standards and conventions by allowing an engineer to use or create a SysML model as a basis for generated AADL code for design and analysis of the Cyber Physical system elements. Instead of attempting to translate all of the SysML model concepts into AADL, we allow the user to use the AADL semantics to annotate the pieces of the SysML model that are required in AADL by applying stereotypes from our AADL standard compliant profile. The current tooling supports Magic Draw and Enterprise Architect models and can generate AADL packages, package diagrams, component types and implementations, connections and flows. Tag values defined in the SysML model which are based on AADL property sets are also translated into AADL. AADL models are then used for analyses and design phase incremental refinement and implementation in accord with the ACVIP process, explained in another session.

Hazel Shackleton is a Software Engineer at Adventium Labs with extensive experience developing complex systems with safety, security, and real-time requirements. This includes use of SysML and AADL for requirements capture, system specification, and design analysis. She has earned 4 patents for her work. Hazel is currently working on the DEOS program developing a tool and supporting SysML profiles to enable modelers to annotate MagicDraw/Cameo or Enterprise Architect models and automatically produce AADL models for analysis and integration. Hazel was the software lead for the MILS and MADS plugins developed under this effort. Additionally she has a key role on the CAFFMAD project extracting data directly from the AADL model and integrating our analysis tools into the DSI (Design Space Investigator) workflow. Also, on the GUMBO project, Hazel is incorporating behavioral modeling into the SysML-to-AADL Bridge tool.

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