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Selecting Middleware Technologies

presentation made by Patricia Oberndorf Thomas Merendino, & Soumya Simanta at the at the Systems and Software Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, April 26, 2010

Software Engineering Institute



One key to continuous warfighting superiority is use of the best technologies for our systems—technologies that will not only meet current needs but will also provide a solid basis for future flexibility, adaptability, and evolution. As game-changing technologies emerge, the ability to make sound choices becomes even more important. On this program, the Software Engineering Institute conducted a study of the middleware currently in use for the system. This presentation—given by Patricia Oberndorf, Thomas Merendino, and Soumya Simanta at SSTC 2010—describes that study, including the essential features of the system, the study method used, the criteria that were found to be of most importance, the technologies studied, the results, and lessons and recommendations. The results of this study not only provide direct information on modern middleware technologies but also illustrate an approach that can be followed and adapted for other technology evaluation needs. The study includes cost/benefit considerations and a recommendation for how the program should proceed.