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How to Misuse and Abuse DORA Metrics

This keynote session was presented by Bryan Finster of Defense Unicorns at DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh, held virtually April 27, 2022.

Software Engineering Institute




Creating a baseline and tracking metrics are required to improve the flow of delivery. The most common questions, when organizations begin, are "How can we measure CD? What metrics matter?" However, why are we measuring? What are our goals? In this talk, we'll be discussing some common metric anti-patterns. We'll also cover some examples of how to use metrics constructively to identify where improvement efforts should be applied and how to scale that knowledge across the organization.

Bryan Finster is a Value Stream Architect at Defense Unicorns. He's a passionate advocate for and practitioner of continuous delivery who knows from experience that CD improves outcomes for the end-user, the organization, and for the teams implementing it. Deploy more and sleep better.

He has over two decades of experience delivering and supporting mission-critical supply chain solutions for very large enterprises. He's the founder and former lead for the Walmart DevOps Dojo with hands-on experience both executing continuous delivery for production systems and helping other organizations find and remove the constraints that prevent a CD workflow.

He's a co-author of "Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future", author of the 5-Minute DevOps blog on Medium, and a frequent speaker on all topics related to improving the flow of software delivery.

Download the graphic recording.