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Busting Silos & Red Tape: DevOps in Federal Government

In this presentation, the authors describe how they helped shift a government stakeholder's thinking through coaching and initiating DevOps in the organization's operational and development environments.

Software Engineering Institute


All organizations face challenges in changing their culture and adopting DevOps philosophies. This is especially true in many federal government agencies. Through well-intentioned policies and procedures, many agencies have created siloed environments where change is slow and difficult. Finishing the last leg of large-scale software development project acquisitions can be particularly challenging and expensive. Barriers often impede getting hardware and software systems fully tested, transitioned, and running in production on schedule. Through our experience as a passionately DevOps-focused software development group within the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute—a federally funded research and development center that is creating, delivering, and transitioning cutting-edge software solutions to government organizations—we have struggled with and overcome challenges in helping the government adopt DevOps principles. Learn how we have conquered these challenges and helped shift our government stakeholders’ thinking by coaching and initiating DevOps in their operational and development environments.

This content was created for a conference series or symposium and does not necessarily reflect the positions and views of the Software Engineering Institute.