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Architectural Implications of DevOps

Watch Stephany Bellomo discuss the architectural implications of DevOps.

Software Engineering Institute



The Agile movement began as a reaction to frustration over slow delivery of software which often didn't sufficiently meet user needs. DevOps picks up what Agile started. Software development velocity has improved in many cases, yet we see deployment-related delays due to issues such as inability to integrate continuously (or even frequently) resulting in late discovery of costly integration issues, challenges completing automated testing within an increment/build cycle and uncertainty about whether a build is stable and secure enough for external release. To avoid problems such as these we suggest it is critical for teams to make design decisions that align with their deployment goals such as reduced deployment cycle time and continuous delivery.

About the Speaker

Stephany Bellomo

Stephany Bellomo

Stephany Bellomo is a principle engineer at the SEI, working in the Software Solutions Division.

Since joining the SEI in 2007, Bellomo has engaged with dozens of government and DoD clients including the Army, FDA, DHS, NRO, MDA, NASA, VA, and several Intelligence Community organizations. She spent several years working …

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