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AADL and Télécom Paris Tech

Real-World Applications of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL)

Software Engineering Institute



In 2013, the AADL Standards meeting was held at SEI headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa. The SEI Podcast Series team was there, and we interviewed several members of the AADL Standards Committee. This podcast, with Peter Feiler and Etienne Borde of Télécom Paris Tech, is the first in a series based on these interviews.

About the Speaker

Headshot of Peter Feiler.

Peter H. Feiler

Peter Feiler is an SEI alumni employee.

For the last 32 years, Peter Feiler has been a member of the SEI, where his duties included five years of management. His interests include safety-critical embedded software systems, architecture languages, and software system assurance.

Feiler is the technical lead and author of …

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