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A Strategy for Component Product Lines

This collection contains three reports that describe a strategy for creating and managing a component product line, including an adoption approach, modeling, and governance.

Software Engineering Institute


Today, components are designed and developed for integration into a specific weapon system. To achieve the objectives of the Modular Open Systems Approach, components must be designed and developed to be integrated into multiple weapon systems. This collection contains three reports that describe a strategy for creating and managing a component product line (CPL). The strategy considers

  • who creates models
  • how they are represented
  • who uses them
  • how they are evaluated for use

Report 1 defines a strategy for achieving multiple CPLs in support of military weapon systems. It overviews product lines from the acquirer’s side—how to specify product line capabilities, provide those CPL Specification Models to a community of suppliers, and create a marketplace of components.

Report 2 introduces the concept of a “model chain” to describe the models used in specifying a CPL. The model chain concept extends to show relationships between models, how they evolve, and the realization of architecture requirements through the creation–evolution process. The report applies the principles of this framework to three example governance scenarios based on a specification of a common industry standard.

Report 3 provides guidance for the community involved with developing and sustaining product lines of components used by the U.S. government. It offers critical insight into “how” the authors envision a successful initiative to be implemented, including a governance method for making decisions to select a product line, determine the feature sets, and maintain the supplier–user relationship.

We would like to acknowledge the support of the U.S. Army in sponsoring and contributing to the development of these reports. We thank Scott Wigginton, Project Manager of the Integrated Mission Equipment project; Jose Q. Saavedra, technical lead for the development of the reports; Marcel S. Padilla and William G. Antypas, Jr., for extensive editorial comments and technical direction; and Matt Chianes, for providing guidance in the use of Cameo Model Based Product Line Engineering.

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