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A Strategy for Component Product Lines: Report 1: Scoping, Objectives, and Rationale

Special Report
This report establishes a Component Product Line Strategy to address problems in systematically reusing and integrating components built to conform to component specification models.

Software Engineering Institute

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This is the first in a series of three reports describing the complete Component Product Line Strategy. It includes an adoption approach that contributes to achieving the enterprise vision and reusability. This report is supplemented by reports that cover modeling and governance for systematic reuse.

Today, components are designed and developed for integration into a specific weapon system. To achieve the objectives of the Modular Open Systems Approach [ASAALT 2020], components need to be designed and developed to be integrated into multiple weapon systems. This first report defines a strategy for achieving multiple component product lines in support of military weapon systems. The report provides an overview of product lines from the acquirer’s side—how to specify product line capabilities, provide those CPLSMs to a community of suppliers, and create a marketplace of components.