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Kristopher Rush

Software Engineering Institute
Kristopher Rush is a member of the technical staff in the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The CERT Coordination Center is a part of this program. Before joining the SEI, Kristopher worked with the United States Department of State as a member of the Antiterrorism Assistance Program. During this time he developed and taught courses relating to terrorism and cyber crime to foreign military and police. Rush received a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Florida and an MS in Information Security Policy and Management from the H. John Heinz III, School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University. He is the co-author of several SEI publications including the First Responders Guide to Computer Forensics: Advanced (CMU/SEI-2005-HB-003) and Defense-in-Depth: Foundations for Secure and Resilient Enterprises (CMU/SEI-2006-HB-003)