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Christopher Alberts

Software Engineering Institute

Christopher Alberts is a Principal Engineer/Senior Cybersecurity Analyst in the CERT® Division at the Software Engineering Institute.

Alberts leads applied research projects in software assurance and cybersecurity. He is currently leading two projects: Security Engineering Risk Analysis (SERA) and Software Assurance Framework (SAF). The SERA Method defines a systematic approach for analyzing complex security risks in software-reliant systems and systems of systems across the lifecycle and supply chain. The SAF is a compilation of software assurance practices that an organization can use to assess its current capability for acquiring and engineering secure software-reliant systems and chart a course for improvement.

Prior to his current projects, Alberts developed the OCTAVE® approach for evaluating information security risks and the Continuous Risk Management method for managing software development project risks. His research interests include risk analysis, measurement, and assessment.

Alberts has co-authored two books, Managing Information Security Risks: The OCTAVE Approach (Addison-Wesley 2002) and the Continuous Risk Management Guidebook (Software Engineering Institute 1996). He has also published more than 50 technical reports and articles.

Prior to the SEI, Alberts worked at Carnegie Mellon Research Institute and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Alberts holds a BS and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Contact: Christopher Alberts