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Software Engineering Institute Hosts Virtual Event: Architecting in a Complex World

Press Release

Pittsburgh, Pa., December 11, 2012 — Technologists from the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute will host Architecting in a Complex World—a virtual event beginning at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday, January 16, 2013, that provides insight into architecture-centric engineering practices that reduce uncertainty in development. Attendees of this free event will be able to have their questions about agile development and architecture answered by leading researchers.  

Linda Northrop, SEI fellow and director of the Research, Technology, &Systems Solutions Program at the SEI, will present the opening keynote. The scheduled sessions for the virtual event will include

  • Eliciting and Specifying Quality Attribute Requirements by Rob Wojcik
    Wojcik will describe the Quality Attribute Workshop, a scenario-based approach for eliciting requirements for quality attributes (non-functional system qualities such as performance, availability, and security).
  • Achieving Agility and Stability in Large-Scale Software Development by Ipek Ozkaya
    Ozkaya will explore tactics that enable organizations to take better advantage of software architecting for large-scale agile software-development efforts.
  • Uncovering Architectural Challenges in a System of Systems by Mike Gagliardi
    Gagliardi will describe development challenges in usability/automation, capability gaps, resource management, training, migration of legacy systems, and collaboration that the SEI has identified from 46 Mission Thread Workshops.

Each session will conclude with a question-and-answer period in which presenters will answer as many questions as possible. 

To register for one or more presentations in the Architecting in a Complex World event, please visit For more information about the SEI Webinar Series and to view recent installments, please visit

About the Software Engineering Institute
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