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SEI Releases the 2011 Smart Grid Maturity Model Update

Press Release

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Dana Hanzlik
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Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 13, 2011—The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University today released the 2011 Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) update at the GridWeek 2011 conference. The update announces Version 1.2 enhancements to the entire product suite and provides updates on the worldwide community of SGMM users and partners. The SGMM is a management tool to help utilities plan their smart grid journeys, prioritize their options, and measure progress as they move toward the realization of a modernized electric power grid.

"Our focus this year has been to improve the worldwide availability of SGMM Navigation, and we have accomplished that by enlisting seven partner organizations and training more than 30 SGMM Navigators," said Austin Montgomery, Smart Grid Program Executive. SGMM Navigators are industry experts who have been trained and certified to guide utilities through the SGMM Navigation process, a five-step structured approach to applying the SGMM. "Our SGMM Partners are industry leaders who work directly with utilities to help them use the model as part of their roadmap and strategy development." The update document provides details on the seven partner organizations.

The update document, now in its third volume also provides news and information on the use of SGMM and revised community statistics for 2011. "The SGMM community data demonstrates that the model is being used by a diverse set of utilities around the world, and repeat use data shows that utilities using the model are making progress with their smart grid implementations," said David White, Smart Grid Maturity Model Team Lead. "The upcoming release of version 1.2 will leverage lessons learned from users to date and from partners to make the model easier to interpret and use."

With version 1.2, SGMM users will see the most significant changes within the Compass survey. Compass is a questionnaire-based assessment instrument that yields maturity ratings and performance comparisons of utilities using the SGMM. "We've reconstructed the Compass survey to collect a richer set of information about the utility and its performance to enable more sophisticated peer-to-peer comparisons and inform aspirations setting during assessments led by an SGMM Navigator," said White.

The release of SGMM Version 1.2 also marks the end of the pilot license period. The licensing opportunity is now open to any organization that wishes to apply. This change will further support the global availability of SGMM technology. "Over the last two years we've seen the SGMM applied to a variety of types, sizes, and geographical settings of utilities," said Austin Montgomery. "With this release we wanted to create the opportunity for more organizations to become licensed SGMM partners. As more and more utilities participate and the SGMM experience base continues to grow, the more the model can be used to help inform the industry's smart grid transformation."

While there are many updates to the model, there were no significant structural changes, so organizations can still compare their V1.2 results with earlier versions of the SGMM. The SGMM V1.2 Model Definition Document, Matrix, and Compass Survey will be available for download on the SEI website this fall.

For more information or to download SGMM materials, visit the SEI website at

About the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM)
The SGMM is a management tool that helps utilities plan smart grid implementation, prioritize options, and measure progress.  Developed by utilities for utilities, the model is hosted by the SEI as a resource for industry transformation with the support of the US Department of Energy and input from a broad array of stakeholders. To learn more about the SGMM, visit

About the SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator Process
SEI-Certified Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) Navigators are industry experts who have been trained and certified to guide utilities through the SGMM Navigation process. Sponsored SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators deliver official licensed SEI SGMM Navigation process services on behalf of SEI Partner organizations. Navigators guide and manage an organization's Navigation process to determine its smart grid maturity. For more information on becoming an SEI-Certified SGMM Navigator Program, visit .

About the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense and operated by Carnegie Mellon University. The SEI helps organizations make measurable improvements in their software engineering capabilities by providing technical leadership to advance the practice of software engineering. For more information, visit the SEI website at