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SEI CERT Division Launches Professional Certificate Program

SEI CERT Division Launches Professional Certificate Program

March 26, 2018—The SEI CERT Division announced it has launched the “CERT Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance Professional Certificate” program. The CERT Division designed the program to arm software acquirers and developers, software and system assurance managers, systems engineers, and software engineers, with the skills and know-how to tackle the challenges of cybersecurity in acquired systems.

“In the past, organizations have tended to focus only on capability and performance issues when evaluating software-reliant systems,” said Carol Woody, technical manager for the CERT Division’s Cybersecurity Engineering team. “However, in an environment that gets more complex every day, and which is under continuous threat from emerging and evolving risks, organizations need to look at quality attributes like security, reliability, and adaptability.”

The new program aims to provide individuals responsible for software-reliant systems an understanding of these knowledge areas, which are critical to software assurance. It emphasizes applying these principles early in the development lifecycle and throughout the supply chain.

The program consists of five components delivered through STEPfwd, the SEI’s cyber workforce research and development platform:

  • Software Assurance Methods in Support of Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Security Quality Requirements (SQUARE) Workshop
  • Security Risk Analysis (SERA) Tutorial
  • Supply Chain Risk Management Course
  • Advanced Threat Modeling Course

Those enrolled in the program have around-the-clock access to the course materials and 12 months in which to complete the coursework and pass the capstone examination.

To learn more about the CERT Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance Professional Certificate, visit