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Nominations Sought for 2021 Northrop Software Architecture Award

Nominations Sought for 2021 Northrop Software Architecture Award

May 24, 2021—The SEI today opened the nomination period for the Linda M. Northrop Software Architecture Award. The award honors an individual or team that has used software architecture to significantly improve practices, outcomes, or both in an organization or in the software-development community. The nomination period will close on June 15. The SEI will present the award in a live webcast.

The winning entry will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Success through architecture. Significant, influential use of architecture as a critical factor in the successful launch of a product or system.
  • Leadership. Motivating others in an organization or in the community to adopt an innovative software architecture practice.
  • Persistent change. Product or innovative software architecture practice that produced a persistent change in behavior and results.
  • Perspective. Emergence of a new or different perspective on software architecture.

The award is named for Linda M. Northrop, an SEI Fellow who led the SEI program that was instrumental in the creation and development of the field of software engineering known as software architecture. SEI software architecture methods are today in wide use throughout the world, documented in a series of highly acclaimed books and disseminated by means of a software architecture curriculum and certificate programs. To date, more than 21,000 people from more than 2,400 organizations have attended courses in the SEI software architecture curriculum, and more than 3,000 people have earned software-architecture-related certificates.

To learn more about the award, eligibility requirements, conditions, nominations guidelines, and nomination materials, visit