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Forbes, Intel Highlight Recent SEI Books


January 24, 2013—Two SEI books published in 2012 have recently earned favorable notice, one from Forbes Magazine and the other from Intel Corporation. Published by Addison-Wesley Professional as part of its Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Series in Software Engineering, the books attracting this attention are The CERT® Guide to Insider Threats: How to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Information Technology Crimes (Theft, Sabotage, Fraud), co-authored by the SEI's Dawn Cappelli, Andrew Moore, and Randall Trzeciak, and Model-Based Engineering with AADL, co-authored by the SEI's Peter H. Feiler and David P. Gluch, a visiting scientist at the SEI.

Writing in Forbes Magazine's CIO Network blog, Tom Cross, director security research at security software firm Lancope, notes that The CERT Guide to Insider Threats "…is an invaluable guide to establishing effective processes for managing the risk of insider attacks, and it should be on every security professional's wish list this year." Cross's article, "5 Key Computer Network Security Challenges For 2013," cites the insider threat as one of these five challenges and notes the years of research devoted to this problem by the SEI's CERT Program.

Intel Corporation maintains a Recommended Reading List to which it recently named Model-Based Engineering with AADL. Intel maintains this list as "a valuable resource for technical professionals who want to thoroughly explore topics such as software threading, wireless technologies, power management, and more." Intel recommends Model-Based Engineering with AADL specifically for embedded developers, though other software engineering professionals may also find the book valuable. The Intel Recommended Reading List is compiled and maintained by industry experts.

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