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FloCon 2022 Announces Speakers and Trainings

FloCon 2022 Announces Speakers and Trainings

January 4, 2022—FloCon, the SEI’s annual conference on using data to defend enterprise networks, has announced its full program of speakers and trainings for the online event. FloCon 2022, the conference’s 18th annual event, will be held virtually January 11-13. The CERT Division of the SEI invites operational analysts, tool developers, researchers, and security professionals to register to attend.

FloCon 2022 speakers from government, academia, and industry will share the latest research on applying cutting-edge techniques to analyze and visualize large datasets to protect and defend network systems.

The first day of the conference will feature a keynote address by Thomas Schreck, professor of IT security at Munich University of Applied Sciences. He will address the evolution and future of incident response, from a methodical ticket-based process to an overall data-driven model where systems support analysts to make decisions, as well as the development of intrusion detection as end-to-end encryption becomes more widespread.

The day’s other speakers will discuss the impact of encrypted DNS for network defenders, as well as improving cyber resiliency through microsegmentation policy optimization.

FloCon training sessions have been a highlight of past conferences. They return this year with three training tracks split over the first two days of the conference: Insider Threat Analyst Training, Introduction to Data Science, and Intrusion Analysis and Threat Hunting with Open Source Tools. Seats in the training tracks are limited.

On day two of FloCon, speakers will discuss network beacon detection, machine-learning-driven new account fraud, the science of security, improved threat intelligence scoring, and lightning talks on honeypot data, cloud maturity, privacy risk, application labeling, and a taxonomy of cyber attacks in smart manufacturing systems.

The final day of the conference features speakers on cloud sensing and attacks, generating known unknowns, endpoint observability, managing cyber risks, and collaborative botnet detection. The day’s keynote speaker will be Melissa Vice, interim director of the Department of Defense Cyber Crimes Center (DC3) Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), who will speak about her industry and government cybersecurity history, from learning to read punch cards, to securing organizational transition from on-premises to cloud infrastructure, to coordinating safe vulnerability disclosure and working in the DoD cybercrime center.

Register for Flocon 2022 on the conference website. Registrants receive a referral code to share with colleagues. Referred registrations will receive a half-price ticket, and the original registrant will also receive a half-price credit.

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