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FloCon 2018 to Move Beyond Flow Data

FloCon 2018 to Move Beyond Flow Data

June 2, 2017—The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) will host FloCon 2018 in Tucson, Arizona, from January 8 – 11. Begun in 2004, FloCon provides a forum for exploring large-scale, next-generation data analytics in support of security operations. The annual conference attracts operational analysts, tool developers, researchers, security professionals, and others interested in applying cutting-edge techniques to analyze and visualize large datasets for protection and defense of networked systems.

The 2018 edition of FloCon will mark feature an expanded focus on applying analytics to ANY large-scale dataset to enhance security, not just network flow data. Everyone who is interested in data-driven security is invited to attend this conference.

“We decided to expand the scope of the conference because trends in security are moving toward increased use of multiple datasets and data fusion, to support security operations,” said the SEI’s Rachel Kartch, conference chair. “No single data type will solve all security problems, and we’d like participants to share how they’re using all the data available to them in innovative ways.”

Conference organizers are particularly interested promoting a discussion of new, innovative ways to use big data to address thorny security problems.

Kartch also noted that the call for participation for FloCon 2018 is now open. The conference is seeking submissions related to academic and practical advances in analytics that use one or more data types and include the automation of well-known or novel techniques. The deadline for submission is August 25, 2017.

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