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Dig into Deepfakes at Upcoming Workshop

Dig into Deepfakes at Upcoming Workshop

August 24, 2022—The Software Engineering Institute will host Deepfakes Day 2022, a workshop on the origin of deepfake media content, its technical underpinnings, and how to spot and mitigate it. Registration is required for this free, virtual event on Tuesday, August 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A deepfake is a media file, typically videos, images, or speech representing a human subject, that has been modified deceptively using deep neural networks to alter a person’s identity. Advances in machine learning have accelerated the availability and sophistication of tools for making deepfake content. As deepfake creation increases, so too do the risks to privacy and security.

Deepfakes Day 2022 will present a series of talks by experts from the SEI’s CERT Division explaining what deepfakes are, how they are made, the risks they pose, and approaches for detecting and mitigating them. The workshop’s opening session will cover deepfake fundamentals: their creation, security concerns, and real-world incidents. The second talk will describe the limits of deepfake visual realism. William Corvey, a program manager in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Information Innovation Office, will speak on the agency's semantic forensics research program. The event will close with a discussion of machine learning for deepfake detection.

“Deepfakes are becoming more popular for their entertainment value, but they pose serious threats to personal privacy and organizational security,” said Thomas Scanlon, the CERT Division’s technical manager for data science and one of the workshop’s organizers and speakers. “Detecting fraudulent media, as well verifying the authenticity of legitimate media, is vital to protecting against these emerging threats. Deepfakes Day is intended to help advance awareness and collaboration for research in this field.”

Register for Deepfakes Day 2022 and learn more about the event online. For more on deepfakes, check out recent blog posts and podcasts by SEI experts.