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DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh 2023 Announces Speakers

DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh 2023 Announces Speakers

April 26, 2023—DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh 2023 this week announced its lineup of speakers. On May 11, the free, virtual conference about integrating security into DevOps practices will feature presentations from 10 DevSecOps researchers and industry practitioners. Attendees will learn from their successes, discover ideas on integrating security into their own teams, and leave with insights on automating security within the entire developer and production pipeline. Register online through the day of the event.

Hasan Yasar, the SEI’s technical director of the Continuous Deployment of Capability group, will open the event. The program includes two keynote addresses. Kate Stewart, vice president of dependable embedded systems at the Linux Foundation, will discuss leveraging Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) software bill of materials (SBOM) data to improve system automation and confidence in testing and analysis. Nabor “Felix” Cortez, engineering supervisor for the United States Air Force, will lead a panel discussion on unlocking software modularity of embedded systems through virtualization.

Over the rest of the day, DevSecOps researchers and practitioners will present on topics including

  • web security at early-stage startups
  • automating DevSecOps tasks
  • securing the Internet of Things supply chain
  • engineering survivable systems
  • building secure environments for capture-the-flag competitions
  • implementing quantum-resistant cryptography in industry
  • building, provisioning, and deploying Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure’s (CVE) infrastructure and services

DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh is part of a series of global one- and two-day conferences helping to educate practitioners and evolve and explore concepts around developing security as code. The DevSecOps Days Community, a group of international volunteers that provide a central hub of DevSecOps resources, coordinates the series and has partnered with the SEI on two DevSecOps Days this year: Pittsburgh on May 11, and Washington, D.C., on October 12. The Pittsburgh event will be held virtually, with the Washington, D.C., event to be held in person.

Check out the DevSecOps Days website for more information. Videos and presentations from previous DevSecOps Days are also available.

Registration to attend DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh is now open and will remain open through the day of the event. The Washington, D.C., event registration will open soon.