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Zero Trust Journey

In this webcast, Geoffrey Sanders and Tim Morrow discuss the purpose of and how to think about Zero Trust Architecture transition.

Software Engineering Institute



Zero Trust Architecture adoption is a challenge for many organizations. It isn't a specific technology to adopt; instead, it’s a security initiative that an enterprise must understand, interpret, and implement. Enterprise security initiatives are never simple, and their goal to improve the enterprise’s cybersecurity posture requires the alignment of multiple stakeholders, systems, acquisitions, and exponentially changing technology. This alignment is always a complex undertaking and requires cybersecurity strategy and engineering to succeed.

What attendees will learn:

  • The purpose of a Zero Trust Architecture
  • Zero Trust Architecture components
  • How to think about Zero Trust Architecture transition

About the Speaker

Headshot of Timothy Morrow

Timothy Morrow

Tim Morrow is the situational awareness technical manager in the SEI CERT Division’s Monitoring and Response Directorate. Morrow applies architecture-centric approaches to systems-of-systems to analyze and identify potential risks to improve their cybersecurity. Morrow’s past experience includes providing acquisition and technical support for the complete lifecycle of DoD and non-DoD …

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