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Working Together: The Team Software Process and Architecture-Centric Engineering

The SEI combined elements of its architecture-centric engineering (ACE) method with its Team Software Process (TSP) to help Bursatec develop a new trading engine.

Software Engineering Institute


Bursatec, the technology organization of Groupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV, the Mexican Stock Exchange), recently undertook a project to develop one system that would replace three existing trading engines. Given the competitiveness of global financial markets and recent interest in Latin American economies, Bursatec needed a reliable and fast new system that could work ceaselessly throughout the day and handle sharp fluctuations in trading volume. To meet these demands, the SEI suggested combining elements of its architecture-centric engineering (ACE) method, which uses software architecture to guide system development, with its Team Software Process (TSP), which teaches software developers the skills they need to make and track plans and produce high-quality products. This brochure describes the SEI's approach and Bursatec's results.