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Welcome to DevSecOps Days Washington, D.C. 2022

In this session, Hasan Yasar welcomed participants to DevSecOps Days Washington, D.C., held virtually on October 12, 2022.

Software Engineering Institute



DevSecOps Days Washington, D.C. 2022 was hosted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and held virtually on October 12, 2022. DevSecOps Days is a global series of one and two day conferences helping to educate, evolve, and explore concepts around developing security as code. Attendees meet fellow practitioners integrating security into their DevOps practices, learn about their journeys, share ideas on integrating security into their teams, and trade insights on automating security tools in their DevOps pipeline.

Hasan Yasar is the Technical Director of Continuous Deployment of Capability group in the SSD Division of the Software Engineering Institute, CMU. Hasan leads an engineering group to enable, accelerate and assure Transformation at the speed of relevance by leveraging DevSecOps, Agile, Lean AI/ML, and other emerging technologies to create a Smart Software Platform/Pipeline. Hasan has more than 25 years’ experience as a senior security engineer, software engineer, software architect, and manager in all phases of secure software development and information modeling processes. He has specialized in secure software solutions design and development experience in the cybersecurity domain including data-driven investigation and collaborative incident management, network security assessment, automated, large-scale malware triage/analysis, medical records management, accounting, simulation systems, and document management. He is also an Adjunct Faculty member in the CMU Heinz College and Institute of Software Research where he currently teaches “Software and Security” and “DevOps: Engineering for Deployment and Operations”.

His current areas of research and professional interests focus on:

  • Secure Software Development including threat modeling, risk management framework, and software assurance model
  • Secure DevOps process, methodologies, and implementation
  • Software Development Methodologies (Agile, SAFe, DevOps)
  • Cloud-based application development, AI system development deployment, and operations
  • Software Architecture, Design, Develop, and Management of large-scale enterprise systems