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Validating Safety and Security Requirements for Partitioned Architectures

Conference Paper
This paper presents an approach to avoid faults and security issues in safety-critical systems by modeling safety and security requirements using AADL.

Springer Berlin Heidelberg


This conference paper was published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies in June 2009.

Design and validation of safety-critical systems are crucial because faults or security issues could have significant impacts (loss of life, mission failure, etc.). Each year, millions of dollars are lost due to these kinds of issues. Consequently, safety and security requirements must be enforced. Systems must be validated against these requirements to improve safety and security and to make them more reliable and robust. We present our approach to avoid such issues by modeling safe and secure systems with both safety and security requirements. We rely on a modeling language (AADL) to model and design partitioned systems with their requirements and constraints. We then validate these models to ensure security and safety enforcement. We also discuss how this approach can be used to automatically generate and build safe and secure partitioned systems.