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The Watts New Collection: Columns by the SEI’s Watts Humphrey

Special Report
news@sei columns written by the SEI's Watts Humphrey between June 1998 and August 2008

Software Engineering Institute

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Since June 1998, Watts Humphrey took readers of news@sei and its predecessor SEI Interactive on a process-improvement journey, step by step, in his column Watts New. The column explored the problem of setting impossible dates for project completion, planning as a team using TSP, the importance of removing software defects, applying discipline to software development, approaching managers about a process improvement effort, and making a persuasive case for implementing it. After 10 years, Watts is taking a well-deserved retirement from writing the quarterly column. But you can still enjoy vintage Watts New columns, including all of the above topics, in the (news@sei archives) or in the Watts New Collection.