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Status of Ongoing Work in Software TRAs/TRLs

In this 2010 presentation, Michael Bandor and Suzanne Garcia-Miller focus on software issues and shortfalls observed during the DoD Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) processes.

Software Engineering Institute



The DoD Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) Deskbook defines the TRA as: ". . . a formal, systematic, metrics-based process and accompanying report that assesses the maturity of critical hardware and software technologies to be used in systems." The SEI supports ongoing efforts in maturing software TRAs.

This presentation, given at the 2010 Systems & Software Technology (SSTC) conference held April 26-29 in Salt Lake City, focuses on software issues and shortfalls observed during the TRA processes. Part one addresses issues encountered when assessing specific aspects of software Technical Readiness Levels (TRLs) to candidates for the Critical Technology Elements (CTEs) list. Part two provides a brief background and overview of findings and recommendations from the Technology Development 1-12 Software Subgroup (TD-1-12) which reviewed the current TRA process. The presentation also includes those recommendations not yet adopted by the DoD.