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SPIN Newsletter - Spring 2008

This Spring 2008 edition of SPIN includes interviews with Judah Mogilensky and Stan Rifkin, two of the originating SPIN founders, and the challenges and successes they had in starting the first SPIN.

Software Engineering Institute


This is the first issue of the SPIN Newsletter, a quarterly publication that includes information highlighting you–the global community of SPIN members! Every three months, SPIN Coordinators will receive a downloadable PDF via email that they can distribute.

The SPIN Newsletter is a medium for the SPIN Community to share information. Each edition will include “SPIN This,” an interview with an individual SPIN member or members, and “SPIN Spotlight,” an interview with a SPIN Chapter to highlight their activities. This month, we are featuring the Tampa Bay SPIN and their involvement with SEPG North America 2008 March 17-20. Lastly, there will be a “Feature Article,” a technical paper that has been presented at the SPIN meeting.