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Situational Awareness Metrics from Flow and Other Data Sources

In this presentation, Soumyo Moitra describes the need for a more flexible set of metrics for establishing network situational awareness.

Software Engineering Institute


Summary and Conclusions:

  • Summary
    • Set of SA metrics: Threats-Risk-Impact
    • Properties and interpretations of the metrics.
    • Flow data and additional data (as identified).
    • Benefits from applying these metrics.
  • Key Challenges
    • A processing and analysis layer between queries and reporting.
    • Data availability.
    • Problems with the numbers (NATs, Prozies, inconsistencies, etc.)
  • Future Work in Brief
    • Develop, validate, and interpret these metrics.
    • Collect the needed data systematically.
    • Include the intermediate analytics capabilities.
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FloCon 2013 Collection

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