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SEI Webinar Series: CheckPoint Diagnostic

This webinar will introduce the methodology and outputs of SEI's latest investigative approach: the Checkpoint Diagnostic (CPD).

Software Engineering Institute



This webinar will introduce the methodology and outputs of SEI's latest investigative approach: the Checkpoint Diagnostic (CPD). The CPD is the foundational technology in a well-designed "Performance Improvement Program." Learning from the successes and failures of SEI's 20 years of experience working with systems development organizations, the stage is set for developing new technology-focused directly on value-added business performance.

Learn how the Checkpoint Diagnostic utilizes process models, data mapping, and quantitative analytics to provide organizations with:

  • Qualitative process baselines: An analysis of project practices (against a best practice model) and the associated artifacts. This includes a listing of key strengths and weaknesses and a process characterization.
  • Quantitative performance baselines: This is comprised of project data and the appropriate analysis designed to provide a performance baseline.
  • Benchmark performance comparison: When available, SEI data and benchmark data is used to compare the organization's performance to industry. This analysis is designed to provide a comparison of the organization's performance with appropriate industry or comparable data.
  • Prioritized listing of improvement opportunities with estimated quantitative benefits and measurable improvement goals.

The ultimate goal of the Checkpoint Diagnostic is to provide organizations with actionable performance related information and analysis closely linked to business value.

About the Speaker(s)

Prior to joining the SEI, Tim Chick worked for Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), as a project manager, leading software development projects and software process improvement efforts for the E-2C Hawkeye Program. Chick is currently a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum Master, and TSP Mentor Coach. He also holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and was a certified CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC instructor. He has published numerous technical reports and by-lined technical articles in top industry publications on managing and improving software organizations.

Gene Miluk is currently a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Carnegie Mellon University. For the past 20 years Gene had been working with SEI client organizations undertaking software process improvement, software acquisition improvement and technology transition. He is a certified TSP instructor and a certified Team Software Process Mentor Coach . Gene is also a Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified SCRUM Master.