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SCADASim and FinSim: Industrial Control System and Banking Simulators

This presentation discusses two simulations created by the SEI, FinSim and SCADASim, to meet the unique training needs of the cybersecurity professionals that must secure the United States' critical infrastructure sectors.

Software Engineering Institute


This presentation provides an overview of FinSim and SCADASIM, two simulations developed by the SEI to create training environments where cybersecurity professionals can develop the unique skills they need to secure the United States' critical infrastructure sectors. SCADASim, which has been used in a dozen hands-on training events, represent military flight line controls, critical infrastructure sectors, and building automation systems. FinSim is a financial simulator, which models merchants, processors, banks, and customers that are all part of the credit card transaction systems used in production today. This presentation gives technical details about how the simulations work and how organizations can use them to prepare professionals for securing critical infrastructure against both physical and cyber threats.