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SATURN 2013 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2013 (April 29-May 3, 2013, in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Software Engineering Institute



In 2013, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference celebrates its 9th year. Each year, SATURN attracts an international audience of practicing software architects, industry thought leaders, developers, technical managers, and researchers to share ideas, insights, and experience about effective architecture-centric practices for developing and maintaining software-intensive systems.

Sessions and presentations included:

  • 15 Years of SOA at Credit Suisse: Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges (Keynote), Stephan Murer
  • Adapting View Models as a Means for Sharing User Interface Code Between OS X and iOS, Dileepa Jayathilake
  • Agile Architecture and Design, Pradyumn Sharma
  • All Architecture Evaluation Is Not the Same: Lessons Learned from More Than 50 Architecture Evaluations in Industry, Matthias Naab, Thorsten Keuler, and Jens Knodel
  • An Architecturally Evident Coding Style, George Fairbanks
  • An Emerging Set of Integrated Architecture and Agile Practices That Speed Up Delivery, Stephany Bellomo
  • Applying Architectural Patterns for the Cloud: Lessons Learned During Pattern Mining and Application, Ralph Retter
  • Architecting Cyber-Physical Systems in the Age of the Industrial Internet, Benjamin E. Beckmann, Amine Chigani, Thomas Citriniti, and Joseph Salvo
  • Architecting for User Extensibility, Russell Miller
  • Architecting Long-Lived Systems, Einar Landre, Harald Wesenberg, and Arne Wiklund
  • Architectural Decisions: The State of Affairs and the Way Forward, Olaf Zimmermann
  • Architecture-Centric Procurement, John K. Bergey and Lawrence G. Jones
  • Architecture Patterns for Mobile Systems in Resource-Constrained Environments, Grace Lewis, Jeff Boleng, Gene Cahill, Edwin J. Morris, Marc Novakouski, James Root, and Soumya Simanta
  • Automated Provisioning of Cloud and Cloudlet Applications, Jeff Boleng, Grace Lewis, Vignesh Shenoy, Manoj Subramaniam, and Varun Tibrewal
  •'s Cloud Architecture, Joel Crabb
  • Design and Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems: AADL and Avionics Systems, Peter H. Feiler and Julien Delange
  • eMontage: An Architecture for Rapid Integration of Situational Awareness Data at the Edge, Soumya Simanta, Gene Cahill, and Edwin J. Morris
  • Enabling Software Excellence at a Hardware Company, Fredrix X. Ekdahl, John Hudepohl, Brian Robinson, and Sascha Stoeter
  • Enterprise Architecture for the "Business of IT", Charlie Betz
  • Games Architects Play: On Reasoning Fallacies, Cognitive Biases, and Politics, Philippe Kruchten
  • How to Build, Implement, and Use an Architecture Metamodel, Chris Armstrong
  • How to Implement Zero-Debt Continuous Inspection Architecture in an Agile Manner, Brian Chaplin
  • Implementing Contextual Design in a Corporation Without a History of Using Contextual Design, Elizabeth Correa
  • Introducing Agile in Large-Scale Projects, Vladimir Koncar, Josko Bilic, Emina Filipovic-Juric, Zoran Kokolj, and Drago Holub
  • Introducing Design Pattern-Based Abstraction Modeling Construct as a Software Architecture Compositional Technique, Sargon Hasso and Robert Carlson
  • Lean and Mean Architecting with Risk- and Cost-Driven Architecture (RCDA), Eltjo Poort
  • Leveraging Simulation to Create Better Software Systems in an Agile World, Jason Ard and Kristine Davidsen
  • Modeling the Contributions of Software Architecture to the Success of an Ecosystem, John McGregor, J. Yates Monteith, Simone Amorim, and Eduardo Almeida
  • Mission Thread Workshop: Preparation and Execution, Timothy Morrow
  • Next-Gen Web Architecture for the Cloud Era, Darryl Nelson
  • Product Analysis Jump-Start Method: Consider the Big Picture Before You Sprint into Your Project, Stephen LeTourneau
  • Tailoring a Method for System Architecture Analysis, Joakim Fröberg, Stig Larsson, and Per-Åke Nordlander
  • Test-Driven Non-Functionals? Test-Driven Non-Functionals!, Wilco Koorn
  • The Conflict Between Agile and Architecture: Myth or Reality?, Simon Brown
  • The Design Space of Modern HTML5/JavaScript Web Applications, Marcin Nowak and Cesare Pautasso
  • Using Architecture to Guide Cybersecurity Improvements for the Smart Grid, Elizabeth Sisley
  • Using ATAM to Select the Right NoSQL Database, Dan McCreary

This content was created for a conference series or symposium and does not necessarily reflect the positions and views of the Software Engineering Institute.