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SATURN 2012 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2012 (May 7-11, 2012, in St. Petersburg, Florida)

Software Engineering Institute



In 2012, the SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference celebrated its 8th year. What began as a small gathering of practitioners and SEI technical staff members has grown to an international conference that attracts researchers, practitioners, and industry experts.

Sessions and presentations included:

  • 100 People and a Great Idea: Culture and Architecture for Corporate Startups, Jeromy Carriere
  • Agile Architecture + Outsourcing = Agile Outsourcing, Ashok Gurumurthy and Marc Palmaffy
  • Agile Doesn't Scale...Without Architecture, Brian Cronauer, Andreas Huber, and Thorsten Keuler
  • A Mashup of Techniques to Create Reference Architectures, Rick Kazman, John McGregor
  • Analyzing the Evolution of Software Systems by Providing and Relating Different Levels of Change Abstractions, Juergen Salecker and Egon Wuchner
  • A Pattern for Requirements-Centric Development of Composite Architectures of Enterprise Class Systems: CVS Caremark Approach for Developing Large-Scale Distributed Architecture, Farhad Etessami
  • Applying QAW, ADD, and ATAM to Conduct the Architecture's Evolution to Service-Oriented Architecture, Marcelo Luna
  • Architect as Anthropologist: Leveraging Cultural Knowledge to Foster Collaboration, Marcel Derosier
  • Architect as Leader, Elizabeth Correa
  • Architecture and Design Evolution: The Agile Way, Pradyumn Sharma
  • Architecture as the Glue: Lessons Learned in Organizing Multiple Agile Teams, Robert Gazda and Steve Thiffault
  • Architecture Review in Agile Development, Ethan Hadar, Irit Hadar, John Harrison, and Sofia Sherman
  • Assessing Open-Architecture Systems for Naval Use, Nickolas Guertin, Adam Porter, and Brian Womble (No File)
  • Combined Reuse: Product Line Engineering Meets Service-Oriented Architecture, Georg Leyh
  • Common Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) Software Development for Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Test Facilities: A General Overview, Dawn Davis, Michael Duncan, Richard Franzl, Wendy Holladay, Mark Hughes, Peggi Marshall, Jon Morris, and Mark Turowski
  • Community-Sourced Knowledge: Solving the Maintenance Problem, Alex Bordetsky, Karl D. Pfeiffer, and J. Carlos Vega
  • Creating an Architecture Oral History: Minimalist Techniques for Describing Systems, Michael Keeling
  • Cyber Dumpster Diving: Creating New Systems (That Work) For Less, Ian Gorton
  • Depicting Interagency Information Sharing Using Systems of Systems, Jonathan D. Addelston
  • Don't Leave Your Architecture Behind...Kanban-Enabled Model-Driven Software Development, Esther Johnson and Chris Williams
  • Driving Out Technical Risk by Blending Architecture, Process, and Project Discipline, Jim McHale and Robert Nord
  • Establishing Enterprise Security and a Risk Management Program in an Agile Software Development Organization, Srini Penchikala
  • Extensibility as a Collaboration Enabler: A Case Study for Group-Context-Aware Mobile Applications, Grace Lewis, Marc Novakouski, and Enrique Sanchez
  • Mission Thread Workshops: Lessons Learned, Michael J. Gagliardi and William G. Wood
  • Multiple Views of System Specifications: Connecting a Distributed Project, Robert Schwanke
  • Mythology for Architects, Arjen Uittenbogaard
  • Reflecting Stakeholder Perspectives in Architecture Reviews, Simon Field
  • Scaling Architecture Evaluations Within Real-World Constraints, Zhao Li, Karen Smiley, and Roland Weiss
  • Software Architect Certification as Part of the Lockheed Martin Integrated Architecture Program, Jeffrey Poulin
  • Software Architecture Competence Development and Collaboration, Randy Case, Douglas Dusseau, Rolf Siegers, and Don Wilson
  • Software Architecture for Large/Critical Applications, Anirban Basu and Vinay Krishna
  • Use of Collaborative Agents and Autonomous Systems Within the Oil and Gas Industry, Einar Landre and Harald Wesenberg
  • What Agile Architects Do and What They Need, Viktor Clerc, Rik Farenhorst, and Daan Kalmeijer

This content was created for a conference series or symposium and does not necessarily reflect the positions and views of the Software Engineering Institute.