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SATURN 2011 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2011 (May 17-21, 2011, in Burlingame, California)

Software Engineering Institute

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SATURN 2011 took place from May 17-21, 2011 in Burlingame, CA. 166 attendees enjoyed tutorials, presentations, and keynote speeches on the SATURN 2011 themes of "Architecting for Change" and "7 things you need to know about the next 7 years in Architecture."

Sessions and presentations included:

  • Agile Adoption: Does It Have to Be All In or Fold?, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
  • Agile Architecture: What the Agile Architect Can Learn From a Hurricane Meteorologist, Eric Richardson
  • Agile Product Line Architecture, Paul Clarke
  • Architectural Implications of Cloud Computing, Grace Lewis
  • Architecture Documentation for Agile Development, Ethan Hadar, Irit Hadar, Jay Harrison, and Sofia Sherman
  • Architecture in the Age of Compositionality, Jan Bosch
  • Big Ball of Mud: Is This The Best That Agile Can Do?, Joseph Yoder
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration V1.3 and Architecture-Centric Engineering, Lawrence G. Jones and Michael D. Konrad
  • Collaborative Design with the Software Architecture Warehouse, Marcin Nowak and Cesare Pautasso
  • Dealing with the Complexities of a Global Service-Oriented Architecture, Roberto DiPaolo, Claudio Jossen, and Tarmo Ploom
  • Design and Implementation of an Agile Price Management Platform for Banking, Ulrich Hildebrand and Thipor Kong
  • Evaluating a Partial Architecture in a ULS Context, Len Bass, James Ivers, Rick Kazman, and Gabriel Moreno
  • Experimentation in the Use of Service Orientation in Resource-Constrained Environments, Joe Seibel, Daniel Plakosh, Soumya Simanta, Edwin J. Morris, and William Anderson
  • Guidance Models and Decision-Making Tooling for SOA, Cloud, and Outsourcing Solution Design, Olaf Zimmermann
  • How to Break a Mammoth Project into Bite-Size Pieces, Esther Johnson and Kevin Nguyen
  • Low Ceremony Architecture, Jeromy Carriere
  • Managing Architecture for Value, John Favaro
  • Mission Thread Workshops: Lessons Learned in End-to-End Capability and Quality Attribute Specification for SoS Architecture Development, Michael J. Gagliardi, Timothy Morrow, and William G. Wood
  • Next Generation Architects for a Harsh Business World: Sourcing Non-Traditional Talent and Revamping Existing Talent, Walter A. Risi
  • Nurturing the Domain: Avoiding the "Pig in a Poke", William M. Pomares
  • On-Demand Generation of Views to Support Online Evolution of Software Product Lines, Nelis Boucke, Alexander Helleboogh, Bartosz Michalik, and Danny Weyns
  • Organizational Design Thinking, Anthony J. Lattanze
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Architects, Ger Schoeber
  • The Covert Use of Architecture in Rapid Product Development, Robert Curry
  • Themes for Architecture Success, William Koscho and William Ries
  • Towards Automation of Architectural Tactics Application: An Example With ArchE, Roger Champagne and Sebastian Gagne
  • Using Architecture-Centric Engineering on a TSP Project, Luis Carballo, Jim McHale, and Robert Nord
  • Using the Corporate Management System to Communicate Architecture Knowledge and Reduce Technical Debt, Einar Landre and Harald Wesenberg
  • Why Good Architects Act As Chameleons, Rik Farenhorst and Eelco Rommes

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