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SATURN 2008 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2008 (April 30-May 1, 2008, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Software Engineering Institute



This file contains presentations from the fourth SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network Workshop (SATURN 2008) event (April 30-May 1, 2008, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

Sessions and presentations included:

  • Applying SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) as Part of Formal Software Architecture Review, Ioannis Kyratzoglou
  • Architecture Curve, New Formatted SEI ATAM Report Shaped in a Single Graph, Hearen Youn
  • Architecture Empowerment - A Quality Attribute of Software Architecture Realms to Build Empowered Organizations, I. Eldo
  • Architecture Evaluation: Experiences in Using SEI's ATAM, Fernando Enobi and Reginaldo Arakak
  • Architects' Workbench ("AWB") - A Tool for Architectural Thinking and Modeling, Steve Abrams, Steven Tang, John Vlissides, Bard Bloom, Paul Keyser, D. Kimelman (IBM J. Watson Research Center), Eric Nelson, Wendy Neuberger, Tova Roth, Ian Simmonds, Carl Spencer
  • Challenges and Observations of Applying the SEI ATAM to a Software Testing Automation Solution, F. Enobi and  R. Arakaki
  • Current SAT Work in Architecture Evolution, Rick Kazman
  • Current SEI SAT Initiative Technology Investigations, Philip Bianco and Andres Diaz-Pace
  • Debugging Software Architectures, Kyungsoo Im and John McGregor
  • Defining Composite Critical Scenarios for the Development of Large Scale System Architecture Using an SEI's ADD-based Framework, Aldo Dagnino
  • Evaluating Distributed Systems Architectures for Fault-Tolerant Applications, James Scott
  • Identifying and Documenting Primary Concerns in Industrial Software Systems, Pia Stoll and Roland Weiss
  • Inexpensive ATAM-Peer Review Detects and Fixes Architecture Problems Early, H. Forstrom
  • Lessons Learned from Deployment and Production Use of Architects' Workbench - An Architectural Thinking and Modeling Tool, D. Kimelman
  • On ADLs and Tool Support for Documenting View-Based Architectural Descriptions, Alexander Helleboogh and Danny Weyns
  • On Software Architecture, Agile Development, Value and Cost, Philippe Kruchten
  • Putting Software Architecture in its Place (Keynote), Eoin Woods
  • Quality Attributes and Requirement Traceability, A. LeClerc
  • Realizing the Business Value of IT: An Approach for Architecture Evaluation, Opal Perry
  • Reconstructing the Architecture Model for a Sustainable Software System, Pia Stoll
  • Reducing Uncertainty In Architecture Plans, David Sharp
  • Software Architecture in an Integrated Engineering Methodology, J. D. Baker
  • Some Perspectives in Teaching Software Architecture, Kiran Kumar

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