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SATURN 2007 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2007 (May 14-16, 2007, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Software Engineering Institute



The SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) workshops bring together engineers, architects, technical managers, and product managers to exchange best practices in developing and acquiring software architectures and using them to build predictable, high-quality systems.

Slide presentations from SATURN 2007 included:

  • A Case Study in Applying Architecture Evaluation Methods, Opal Perry
  • A Light-Weight Architecture Trade Off Process Based on ATAM, A Panel Presentation: Sharing Experiences with ATAM, Jon S. Edmondson, Charles G. Kille, and Edwin W. Lee
  • An Architecture Journey (Keynote), Jeromy Carrière
  • A Product Line Architecture for Army Aviation Diagnostics and Maintenance: Views and Evolution, Ken Capolongo and Sholom G. Cohen
  • Architecting Security In, Jon R. Ramsey
  • Automated Requirements Processing Overview, David  L. Curry
  • Common ATAM Errors, Dave Mason
  • Evaluating a Service-Oriented Architecture, Philip Bianco and Paulo Merson
  • How the QAW Helped our Enterprise Architecture Effort, Stephen T. Le Tourneau
  • Improving Software Architecture Competence, Paul C. Clements
  • Integrated City Operation Center: An Architecture Case Study with ADD & Data Flow Analysis, Bae Changhyun
  • Introducing Scenario-Based Architecture Reviews, Opal Perry
  • Neglected Aspects of Software Architecture, G. Todd  Kaiser
  • SEI Architecture Techniques complementary to the RUP, S.  Kerrigan
  • Software Architecture Technology Initiative, Mark H. Klein
  • System of Systems Architecture Evaluation with Concurrent Development, Michael J. Gagliardi and William G. Wood
  • Technology Evolution – Impact on Architecture of a Complex Medical Product, Pramod Chandrasekhar and Ajay Nitin
  • The Negative Impacts of Ignoring Stakeholder Quality Attributes: Joint Fire Support (FS) Command and Control (C2) Case Study, John A. Landmesser
  • Tools for Making Better Architecture Decisions (Keynote), Ian Gorton

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