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SATURN 2006 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2006 (April 25-26, 2006, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Software Engineering Institute



The second SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network Workshop (SATURN 2006) was held on April 25-26, 2006, at Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was open to anyone who had taken some of the courses in the Software Architecture Curriculum or read some of the SEI publications about architectural methods and techniques and had an interest in applying them in their organization. 

Sessions and presentations included:

  • A Comparison of Requirements Specification Methods from a Software Architecture Perspective, Ipek Ozkaya, Len Bass, John K. Bergey, Paul C. Clements, Paulo Merson, and Raghvinder Sangwan
  • Architectural Design of an Industrial AGV Transportation System with a Multiagent System Approach, Danny Weyns
  • Architectural Evolution, Felix Bachmann and Robert Nord
  • Architecture Analysis Overview and Observations (video), Don O'Connell and Ibrahim Habli
  • Architecture Centric Development Method, Anthony J. Lattanze
  • Architecture Competency
  • Architecture Risk Reduction Activities, Rick Kazman
  • ATAM and Collaboration at the Enterprise Level, Craig Martin
  • Bridging System and Software Architecture, Michael J. Gagliardi and William G. Wood
  • Building a Software Architecture Community, Rob Wojcik
  • Definition and Evaluation of Geographic Information System Architecture Using ADD and ATAM, Don O'Connell
  • Global Software Development, Matt Bass
  • Raytheon's Architecture Journey, Rolf Siegers
  • Risk Themes from ATAM Data: Preliminary Results, Len Bass, Robert Nord, and William G. Wood
  • SEI Future Directions in SEI Software Architecture Technology (SAT) Initiative, Mark H. Klein
  • The Best of Three Worlds: Combining QAW, MDRE, and GA, Robert Schwanke
  • SATURN 2006 Working Session: Strategic Risk Management for Architectures

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