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Poster - TwinOps: Digital Twins Meet DevOps

This research improves the state of the art and the state of practice to design and analyze cyber-physical systems using DevOps and model-based engineering.

Software Engineering Institute


TwinOps combines system, software, and physical models to improve system understandings in cyber-physical systems (CPS). The SEI combined DevOps and model-based engineering (MBE) to ease the construction and deployment of simulation testbenches and digital twins.

MBE relies on models as first-class artifacts to analyze, simulate, and ultimately generate parts of a system; DevOps focuses on software engineering activities, from early development to integration, and then improvement through the monitoring of the system at run time. By combining these techniques, researchers at CMU SEI have worked to develop digital twins, true digital simulated doppelgangers of the system, to improve the CPS engineering process.