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Poster - Co-Optimization for High-Performance Data-Intensive Computing in Resource-Constrained Environments

Spiral AI/ML helps developers build high-performance applications on leading-edge hardware architectures faster and cheaper, speeding new capabilities to serve national and tactical needs.

Software Engineering Institute


As the military adopts artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to augment human teams, the cost of implementing and re-implementing AI/ML software on new hardware platforms will be prohibitive. To address these challenges, we propose building on CMU’s Spiral technology, a hardware-software co-optimization system that will

  • automatically search and select hardware configurations that meet CSWAP requirements
  • automatically generate optimized codes for the selected hardware configuration and the irregular, data-intensive computations required for AI/ML algorithms

If successful, our solution will allow platform developers to realize high-performance AI/ML applications on leading-edge hardware architectures faster and cheaper. These advances will allow for rapid development and deployment of capabilities across the spectrum of national and tactical needs.