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Open Systems: What’s Old Is New Again

Presentation made by Patricia Oberndorf & Carol Sledge at the Systems and Software Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, April 27, 2010

Software Engineering Institute



DoD executives and managers continue to be challenged to achieve greater acquisition efficiency and cost savings, while understanding a myriad of issues and promoting smart system decision making. The use of an open systems approach is coming back to help with today's realities and tomorrow's possibilities. To adapt to changing circumstances, executives and managers need practical definitions, the basics of an open systems approach, and an understanding of the issues, as well as things to look for in programs as they transition to an open systems approach. 

This presentation—given by Patricia Oberndorf  and Carol A. Sledge at SSTC 2010—discusses the definitions, approach, and basics of open systems. It relates the concepts to current technology trends and the implications of disruptive technologies.