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News at SEI Second Quarter 2003

News at SEI Second Quarter 2003

Software Engineering Institute



  • From the Director

  • Introducing Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC)
  • Using CMMI Appraisals in Acquisition—a Primer
  • CMMI and BSCC
  • Use Care When Downloading and Installing Programs
  • What's the Difference Between Product Line Scope and Product Line Requirements?
  • Some Programming Principles: Products

  • Documenting Software Architectures
  • Second International Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems
  • SEPG 2003 Attendance Tops 1,500   
  • New CERT Certification to Train Computer Security
  • Incident Handlers
  • Improving Workforce Capabilities with the Peop®le Capability Maturity Model