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News at SEI 2008 Archive

An archive of News at SEI newsletter articles from 2008

Software Engineering Institute



  • CMMI with Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, and Everything Else
  • Resources for Getting Started with Software Product Lines
  • Predictable Security: Security Analysis Extends Use of High-Performance Chip
  • Performance Improvement: It's a Small World After All
  • Effective and Measurable Results from Combining CMMI and Six Sigma
  • Tackling the Growing Botnet Threat
  • User Network for Software Architecture Technology Is Growing Steadily
  • Workshop Examines SOA Hard Problems and Potential Solutions
  • Being Your Own Boss -- Part V: Building Trust
  • Cyber Attack Scenarios Test Responses
  • SMART Ultra-Large-Scale Systems Forum: Scale Changes Everything
  • Steps Toward Network-Centric Operation
  • Making SIMPLE Decisions about Software Product Lines
  • First Workshop on CMMI High Maturity Measurement Brings Organizations Together
  • Process Improvement in a Multimodel Environment Builds Resilient Organizations
  • Place of Architecture in a Crowdsourced World, The
  • PACC Starter Kit Provides Tools for Developing Systems that Exhibit Predictable Behavior
  • Architecture Competence: What Is It? How Do We Measure It?
  • Requisite Agility
  • Building More Secure Software
  • A Specification for Software Project Performance Measures
  • New Priorities
  • Lessons Learned about Risk Mitigation in Acquisition through Architecture Evaluation
  • How Mexico is Doing It
  • Create, Apply, and Amplify: A Story of Technology Development
  • Educating Educators in Making Better Architecture