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News at SEI 2005 Archive

An archive of News at SEI newsletter articles from 2005

Software Engineering Institute



  • FAQs Part 2: Are Product Lines Right for My Organization?
  • Improving Defense Software-Intensive Systems Acquisition with CMMI-AM
  • Enterprise Security Management: Refocusing Security's Role
  • University Hubs Help SEI Spread Information Assurance Curricula and Methods
  • An Adoption Roadmap for Software Product Line Practice
  • CMMI -- A Progress Report
  • An Introduction to Governing for Enterprise Security
  • Pas de Deux: Making the Two-Part Organization Work
  • Integrating Architecture Methods: The Case of Extreme Programming
  • Nine Characteristics of a COTS and Reuse Management Plan
  • A Personal Quality Strategy
  • Software Acquisition Survival Skills: Helping the DoD and Government Program Offices Improve Acquisition of Software and Systems
  • SEI Celebrates 20 Years of Software Engineering Excellence
  • Model-Driven Architecture: Moving from Concept to Practice
  • New Curriculum Fosters Adoption of Software Product Line Practices
  • Using the People Capability Maturity Model with CMMI
  • Using CMMI with Suppliers â€"The Acquirer's Concerns
  • Governing for Enterprise Security: Security is a Requirement of Being in Business
  • Only Leaders Need Apply
  • Architecture Business Cycle Revisited: A Business Goals Taxonomy to Support Architecture Design and Analysis, The
  • Service-Oriented Architectures as an Interoperability Mechanism
  • Large-Scale Work -- Part I: The Organization
  • Using Product Line Analysis to Get Started With Software Product Lines
  • Writing the Book on Process Improvement: An Interview with Watts Humphrey
  • CMMI V1.2: What's Changing?
  • Shifting Perspective to Achieve and Sustain Enterprise Security
  • The SEI Partner Network and the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Meeting the Challenge of Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems
  • Secure Coding in C and C++: C-Style Strings
  • Integrating Architecture Methods: The Case of the QAW and the ADD Method
  • Analyzing the Reuse Potential of Migrating Legacy Components to a Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Large-Scale Work -- Part II: The Project
  • CMMI V1.2: What's Changing? (Part 2)
  • Governing for Security: Protect Stakeholder Interests
  • Social Security Administration Reaps Rewards of Process Improvement
  • New CERT Course and Handbook Detail Electronic Detective Work
  • Components of Software Architecture Design and Analysis, The
  • Introducing a Guide to Interoperability
  • Large-Scale Work -- Part III: The People