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News at SEI 1998 Archive

An archive of News at SEI newsletter articles from 1998

Software Engineering Institute



  • The Opportunities and Complexities of Applying Commercial-Off-the-Shelf Components
  • COTS Software Evaluation
  • Discussion with Members of the SEI COTS-Based Systems Initiative
  • The Era of Net-Centric Computing
  • Why Does Software Work Take So Long?
  • Security Matters -- Doesn't It?
  • Are Software Architects Like Building Architects?
  • Capability Maturity Model Process Improvement
  • CMM Integration (CMMI) Framework
  • Introduction: Capability Maturity Model Integration
  • Discussion with Members of the CMM Integration (CMMI) Steering Group
  • Life in the Digital Subscriber Lane
  • Your Date or Mine?
  • Security of the Internet
  • CERT Coordination Center Celebrates Ten Years
  • Interview with Richard D. Pethia
  • Representing Software Architecture
  • COTS Evaluation in the Real World
  • Distance Learning Grows by Degrees
  • Making Team Plans
  • What Messages Are You Sending to Vendors?