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My Story in Computing with Marisa Midler

Marisa Midler discusses the career path that led to her work as a cybersecurity engineer in the SEI's CERT Division. In all life choices, Midler has been guided by the mantra: never settle.

Software Engineering Institute




In this SEI Podcast, the latest in the My Story in Computing series, Marisa Midler, a cybersecurity engineer in the SEI’s CERT Division, discusses her career path. After growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania, Midler graduated from college with a degree in communications and English writing, traveled to Seattle and worked a variety of jobs, including as a bouncer at a Seattle night club. Midler returned to Pittsburgh to obtain a second bachelor’s degree in information science followed by a master’s degree in information security policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout it all Midler has been guided by her mantra: never settle.

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